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Build the bridge between you and your audience with the best WordPress review plugin out there. WP Ultimate Review gives you the easiest solution to collect social proof and build your brand in no time!

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WP Ultimate Review, with its easy-to-use features, empowers WordPress websites including —
WP Ultimate Review also enables site visitors to contribute their own reviews and ratings.

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Here’s what makes WP Ultimate Review the most convenient social proof plugin for WordPress 👇

Write & Submit Review

The fastest and easiest way to collect reviews from your customers/visitors along with ratings and other relevant data. Be it posts, products, or any CPT in WordPress, only a few seconds is all it takes to submit reviews using WP Ultimate Review!
  • Review submission made easy
  • Available everywhere in WordPress
WP Ultimate Review - Write & Submit Review
WP Ultimate Review - Showcase Reviews in List

Showcase Reviews in List

Introducing our sleek and modern list feature designed to elevate the way you showcase reviews on your site! With this new addition, you can now exhibit your valuable customer feedback in an organized and visually appealing manner, creating a captivating experience for your website visitors.
  • Modern list feature designed
  • Showcase reviews on your site

Rating Summary in Style

Customization is the key to making your summary uniquely yours. Choose from a range of colors, styles, and layouts to match your brand’s identity and make a lasting impression. Our user-friendly interface allows you to create polished and professional visual summaries effortlessly.
  • Making your summary uniquely
  • Choose from a range of colors, styles
Smart Conditional Review

Smart Conditional Review

Introducing our latest feature that allows you to set smart conditions for reviews, giving you full control over how your customer feedback is displayed. With the ability to enable or disable specific elements like names, titles, and more, you can tailor the review display to perfectly align with your brand and user preferences.
  • Set smart conditions for reviews
  • The review display to perfectly align

Why Choose This
WordPress Plugin for Reviews

Let’s have a look at the other features & use-cases of WP Ultimate Review

Easy Integration

Integrate a rating/review section effortlessly anywhere on your WordPress website.

Instant Updates

On-the-spot updates available for all review data and visuals of each review section.


WP Ultimate Review is translation-ready to show user reviews in different languages.

Set Them Anywhere

Integrate a rating/review section effortlessly anywhere on your WordPress website.

Review Input Style

Versatile input styles for reviews such as star, slider, bar, square, and lots more.


Display reviews across single & multiple categories and improves user experience.

Limit Review Number

Prevent spam and fake reviews with review limits based on browser, IP, or email of users.

Product Shortcode

Generate shortcodes to integrate product reviews (eCommerce/affiliate) into your site.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on WP Ultimate Review

Confused or have any queries about this WordPress review plugin? These FAQs might help 👇
Yes, Absolutely! You can use the free version of WP Ultimate Review for your sites.
Not really. You don’t need any coding skills required to use WP Ultimate Review, the WordPress testimonial plugin, on your WordPress website.
There are lots of additional premium layouts available with the WP Ultimate Review’s Pro version.
Absolutely no! You don’t need to install any plugin to enjoy the features of WP Ultimate Review, nor do you need any addons to utilize it properly.
While we are confident about the value our plugin adds to your site(s), If you face any issue within 14 days of the purchase that we can’t solve via support, you’re more than welcome to get a full refund!

Of course, we have a dedicated support team dedicatedly available to help you whenever you need it.

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