Social Media

The social media widget is a handy tool to show your Social profiles on your Elementor website. Use the Icon from our library to choose the Social icon that you need on your website.

see it in action

Social Icons Style 01

Rounded social media icon design where you can choose icon style, set alignment, and options to select media you need.

Social Icons Style 02

Add social media icons from the library, you can choose your color, select border type, set icon size and more customization.

Social Icons Style 03

Social media icon with solid border where you can set margin, icon width and height, also line height.

Social Icons Style 04

Display your social media profiles in a square box with nice background color. Style your icons with alignment, margin, padding and more.

Social Icons Style 05

Make a social media horizontal icon set using label text, padding, and margin with branded color.

Social Icons Style 06

Display social icons set horizontally with text and brand icons. Choose style as icon and text both from the dashboard and customize as you need.

Social Icons Style 07

Show social media icons horizontally on the right side after the text. Choose the style, alignment, and more customizable features from the dashboard.